Survival Techniques for Forest Exploration

Survival Techniques

For those who like adventure in nature and forest exploration, there is always the risk of getting lost. Survive in a foreign environment as well as wild forest needs the special skill which is not easy. Here are suggestions of survival techniques to survive if lost in the woods or mountains.

  1. Stay calm. Stay calm and keep as much as possible cause of panic thinking is important. Mentally strong for a key was lost, to be able to focus and think clearly.

  2. Observe the surrounding environment. Try to search the area more open, or high. This makes it easy to see the direction of the sun and stars, also facilitate the search if in the open area. Look for a stream can help find a way out, other than a requirement to survive in the water. To sleep, try to look for the tall trees as preventive meet wild animals.

  3. Supplies of survival techniques. If the supplies are brought limited, we recommend saving conserve consume, because will not know how long lost. If carrying goods made of tin, then use to make sounds or light reflection.

  4. Leave the trail. When lost, facilitate the search team discovered, by leaving a trace. Can be broken twigs, or a tree trunk etched, or use anything as creative as you.

  5. Pray and Never Surrender. This is something that should always be done. For a strong spirit will make the body become stronger is to find a way out. Many a miracle of survival techniques can happen thanks to prayer and a strong spirit. Forests, or rainforests, lush, green area of ​​life that is full of all shapes and sizes. They only cover about 2 percent of the Earth’s surface, but the forest is a place of life for 50 percent of all plants and animals. Did you know that in a 4-square-mile (10-sq-km) area of ​​tropical forests can contain as many as 1,500 flowering plants, 750 species of trees, 400 species of birds and 150 species of butterflies [Source: The Nature Conservancy].

Well newbie like to go to the open air or possibly into the woods and in a state of emergency does not hurt to pay attention to the following survival techniques. Things that are dangerous and need to be considered in the Forest are as follow.

  1. Dangerous Food. To survive we can take advantage of a wide variety of plants to survive, but be careful in taking, since some plant species contain toxins that is dangerous jungle for our bodies. As for tips as follows:

    • Avoid plants with white or yellow colored fruits.

    • Do not eat wild mushrooms lightly. Although there was mold suitable for consumption but also many mushrooms are poisonous, so it is not worth the risk.

    • Avoid thistles.

    • If the fruit is consumed bitter and slimy should not be eaten.

    • Stay away from shiny colored leaves.

    • Avoid anything that smells like almonds.

    • To know the type of fruit that can be eaten monkey see eg animals that consume the fruit. If there are animals or monkeys that eat the fruit means that the fruit is safe to eat.

In addition to being banned still there are a lot survival techniques that can be consumed like, banana, mango, wild yam, sugar cane, papaya and coconut. Coconut is a good source of food in the forest.

  1. Animal dangerous. Jungle you can consume a wide variety of animals to survive in a state of emergency in the forest. Even so, the forest is home to many dangerous animals including a tiger, wild boar, scorpions, poisonous snakes, poisonous frogs and others. Insects, is a good source of protein, more than 1,400 species of insects can be consumed throughout the world. However, there are survival techniques to consider choosing insect to be eaten.

    • Stay away from the colorful insects

    • Avoid the insects that have sharp thorns.

    • Do not eat the insects that had feathered because it feared could.

If you are strong enough insects besides you can also eat worms, termites and caterpillars to survive in the jungle. Safe way to eat the animals in the forest is to hunt fish.

  1. Water. Forest is wet, if your feet wet for a long time, it is feared can be susceptible to infection due to water hygiene. Keep your feet for survival techniques stay dry as long as possible. Try not to let you boil the water before consuming it. If it is not time to be cooked several ways to consume the water safely. Great leaves can be used to collect dew and rainwater for drinking. Bamboo rod is one of the places to get fresh water because bamboo can be used for. To get water to drink, the application is as shown below. There are several ways to purify the water naturally among others, can be used several methods as follows: Water is clarified using natural distillation system as survival techniques.