Survival Items for Dangerous Wild Adventure

Dangerous Wild Adventure

Risk and danger are part of a wild adventure. As good as any preparations made, and as good as any skill that belongs to the adventurous, risk and danger should not be ignored, and should get special attention to preventive measures and treatment. One of the preparations to face the danger that might jeopardize the safety of others by learning survival techniques (how to survive in the wild) and always carry survival items or survival kit whenever we would go on an adventure.

Some of the following survival equipment is recommended for you to always bring it on every trip an adventure. If you are facing harsh elements with wet conditions you should look at some of the best military watches that your local army navy surplus can supply you with. Although this equipment will likely not be used if the trip lasted safe, it would be helpful if at any time you are faced with adverse conditions that threaten the safety of lives.

  1. Pocket Knives or Multi-tool

This is the most important equipment you should always take it, because its function is very vital. Multi-tool with a variety of useful tools and functions in one item you can use for a variety of important purposes in an effort to survive in nature. In addition, the packaging of survival items is very simple and easy to carry also will not interfere with the movement or increase the burden of your trip. Multi-tool or a pocket knife will always be useful not only for the purposes of the current conditions of survival, but at any time.

  1. The food (and Their Knowledge and Skills Acquired Food in Nature)

Bring up the excess food will greatly help to prolong your life when faced with a situation lost on the mountain or get stuck in one place for a reason. Food reserves will be a vital role in helping your business to survive for days or even weeks for waiting for help or look for a way out. Special food of reserves survival and survival items usually has a simpler packaging with the nutrients that will meet the needs of your body. In addition bringing food back up, you also need to hone skills and knowledge of how to get food from the wild. You can learn about different types of wild plants that can and can not eat. Learn how to make snares, fishing, and other hunting methods will also be very helpful.

  1. Lighters

Fire is one of the most important parts needed by human, especially when in a bad condition in the wild. Fire has many functions, ranging from cooking, warming the body, and repelling wild animals. Therefore, survival items such as lighters or a pair of flint and iron to make a fire you should always take it, especially if you are not too conversant with how to make a fire without matches.

  1. Medicine Equipment

Sometimes, if the adventure we did run safely and smoothly, carrying medicine boxes only be an additional burden useless. But do not underestimate this one apparatus. In bad condition this equipment could save your life. Therefore, whenever you go on an adventure, do not forget to bring your gear on this one.

  1. Rope

Rope as survival items is valuable survival equipment with a very vital function. Ropes can help if you get stuck in the ravine or face steep terrain that is difficult to pass. In addition, this can also be used as a binder powerful tool for a variety of needs. However, carrying straps on every trip will certainly be very inconvenient and adds greatly to the burden. The solution, you can bring a rope that is lighter and simpler. Especially for rope, you can also make a variety of crafts for accessories to make it more practical and convenient to carry your survival items.