Emergency Food Supply as Basic Needs to Survive In Wilderness

Basic Needs To Survive In Wilderness

Typically, in the adventure, bringing food source would dwindle over time. When food sources are brought on the wane, we can really exploit food resources provided by nature. The food source can be derived from plants and animals. Edible plant parts such as fruits, stems, roots or tubers and leaves, depending on the type of plant.

There is an assumption that all the plants are eaten by animals can be eaten by humans. The statement is not entirely true. For example, a primate sometimes eats fruit which clearly can be fatal in humans.

Prior to use the plants as food, should note the following points. Avoid brightly colored plants. Avoid plants that gummy white, except those already known to be safe to eat. Try first to the most sensitive parts of the body, such as skin or little sample.

Wait and see the reaction. Typically, plants that are harmful will cause a striking effect on the body, such as gums, red and hot. Vary the foods eaten, do not consume one type of plant excessively to avoid the accumulation of substances that may be bad for health. If there are doubts plants to eat, do not eat.

Wild animals are a source of protein and fat that can be used to increase the power. Some traps can be made to facilitate the capture of wild animals.

Wilderness Survival – Traps

Types of traps can be made in accordance with the animals that will be captured. Function trap only to ensnare the feet for animals that have been trapped not run. If an animal’s head is caught, the animal will die quickly before it is cut so it can not be eaten. More traps are the more likely able to capture the animal.

Opportunities to catch wild animals will also be greater if many traces of animals that are known in the area. Preferably, the meat of animals that were caught is cooked beforehand to avoid the disease, but can increase appetite.

You can survive for a month without food, but only 3 days in the absence of water. Therefore, if you suddenly turn into an adventure long since lost, the most important thing to think about is making sure your water supply sufficient quantity. For that, you need to find the nearest water source from the position when lost.

If you do not find the water source or river, you can try alternatives to get water from the banana tree, the dew on the leaves or vines such as rattan. Getting water in tropical forest areas is quite easy to do.

You just have to learn in order to know how to get it. If you have a water filter or a water purifier, it would be better to filter the water before you get to be more hygienic and safe from disease.

Create a signal or sign to Get Relief. Looking for help is one of the important steps that must be made when the bad conditions come off, but of course you need to think how to get the help that is needed.

If started phone still has enough power, try to look for a signal to be able to contact the parties who could be asked for help. Then, make a bonfire in a place which is roughly going to look from a distance as a marker position in order to facilitate the search team to find where you are, but note also not to fire you made even cause a fire.

Bring a whistle also highly recommended as an aid to notify another position. Learning Morse code is also not a bad idea, it would be very useful.

If you realize that you have lost quite deep and it will take time for people to discover the rescue team, another important thing you should do is build a shelter as a shelter. If you bring a tent, immediately set up in a safe and comfortable place you have chosen to wait for help.

If there is no tent, could use a poncho, raincoat, or plastic bins to make an emergency bivouac. If there is no such equipment, you have to make a forced bivouac simple nature.

Building a shelter is very important, in order to keep your body protected from heat, rain, cold, or animal attack.

And lastly, the most important thing to remember is keep trying, motivation you in order not to give up. In bad conditions, any human mental certainly would easily go down and the mind will easily become chaotic, but try to control it, do not let emotions control you. Encourage yourself to remove fear and kept trying to get out of a bad situation you are currently facing.

Life is very precious, whatever the circumstances, no matter how small the odds, there is always hope for survivors who can you fought with all his strength.