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Nature Survival Guide – Get Closer To The Element

Survival Guide to Get Closer to Nature

Adventuring in the outdoors is a good thing you can do for refreshing the mind, physical strength training, and also to get closer to nature. However, keep in mind, in addition to bringing many benefits, adventuring in the outdoors also has many hazards that can strike at any time. Extreme weather, poisonous plants, wild animal attacks, and lost in the woods are a few examples of the dangers that could come off.

For that, you need to know survival guide in the wild that will save yourself when facing danger as long in the wild. Probably the most important thing in your arsenal is a good survival backpack to keep your gear organized. That is a must

Tell others where you go, at least your closest people

If you already have plans for an adventure in the near future, try to let your trip plan to people nearby such as family, friends hanging out, or neighbor. Tell important details about the trip are going to do, such as destination adventure destination, when you leave and when to return, did you go alone or with a group. In a state where you do not return home on time, for example for reasons of injury or getting lost, someone will know and immediately contacted the authorities to send rescue teams. This survival guide may seem trivial, but very important, and can save your life. Ever watch the movie 127 hours? If the answer is yes, you must know how sorry Aaron who has to fight alone to save his life, because of going adventuring without telling anyone.

Do not fight the power of nature

Never underestimate the power of nature, realize that if humans are more often lost to the Universe. If at any time you have been planning to go on an adventure, all the preparations have been done wrong, but suddenly there was news of a major storm or bad weather in the places you will go, do not hesitate to delay the trip. Pushing yourself in survival guide can be fatal. Respect yourself for better safety. Returning home does not mean defeat, but a wise step for the sake of personal safety.

Bring safety equipment

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Ensure survival equipment such as a pocket knife, a compass and a map are in the top list of goods innate. And make sure you master how to use it properly. Do not forget to bring P3K equipment, lighters reserves as well as additional water and food. Survival equipment will help you when facing undesirable conditions, such as getting lost on the way. P3K equipment as survival guide will help you against the risk of injury and accidents, while additional water and food can prolong life breath when stranded in the outdoors for a longer time.

Here are some very good things to carry:

Be careful with wild animals

Inevitably, when adventuring in the wild, we’ll be neighbors directly with a variety of wild animals. Remember why they are called wild animals, do not ever try to approach them. Attacks from wild animals like leopards, panthers, wild boars, and other animals are very rare, but that does not mean impossible. Therefore, try to avoid contact with these animals by always away from their territory. Always walk on the hiking trail as survival guide that is frequently used, and establish a tent just in shelters that have been available. It is a basic step to keep away from the threat of attack by wild animals.

Keep calm and make a plan

The panic would be very easy to come when you and all members of your group began to realize to have lost direction alias lost. But you need to remember well when important thing that must be done in such conditions it is trying to remain calm. Panic will make you take a step careless that could cause the condition gets worse. Stop the ride for survival guide, and try to remain calm, to keep a clear mind to develop plans in order to get out of the situation was lost. Determine the steps wisely, whether to seek the source of the water first or quickly build a shelter and make a fire as a signal for help. Further discuss any plans with a good and quiet to quickly get out of the bad conditions.

Try to remain visible

Why are uniform groups of nature lovers or SAR team striking colors in survival guide? Surely to make them remain visible while doing activities in the wild, so that the current adverse conditions occur, such a member is lost the search for survivors would be easier to do. Just imagine if a wayward wearing black or green similar to the leaves, of course the search for survivors would be more difficult.