Hiking Top Five Tips – What You Should

There are many things that every mountain has a different rule in following the recent myth or others. Sometimes, it is not also allowed to say or talk about taboo things that only can be done in junior high school while when you are still in elementary, it will be a bit impossible to train kids in hiking or preparing them to love the nature so they can have a good organization. This taboo must be obeyed by all hikers, especially novice hikers.

For hikers who had often summit attack certainly is not foreign to the same taboos which have become a culture. The main objective is none other than obeying restrictions for the safety of hikers themselves. Here are things you should do and you should not ensure that you will be safe getting back with good food and good mood.

It is not easy still to organize many things. What you have to do is to make a list of how you have worked now and how you will continue the agenda as long as it has been approved. Before anything happens and come up with new ideas, here are agenda that can make people outside understand the limited time and space to keep guiding, so here are important things to follow.

  • Blessing from parents. This one is the most important when planning to climb the mountain might as well ask the permission of parents or family. Many hikers up the mountain without the consent of parents, in particular, the existence far from the family (kos). It usually occurs in women hikers, most of them are afraid to ask for permission and were thinking that certainly did not get permission. Keep in mind, the blessing of the parents was the most important thing, with his blessing likelihood of success on the things we did, was high. Unlicensed / blessing of the parents better undo any intention to summit attack, rather than impose themselves and will happen things are not desirable.

  • Hikers are not allowed leaving nothing but a trail I think this is the most difficult thing to do. In fact today many hikers are leaving nothing but a trail. They do not care about nature, concerned only with the photos they can. The proof is almost all places set up a tent (camping) many piles GARBAGE. Keep in mind that carrying garbage down it is something that must be done, if it can not bring the trash down, we’d better not go up the mountain. I submit that if an again managed to bring down trash that becomes a self-against own pride, others said again participate in the business of protecting the environment.

  • Non-hunt anything except time. Mountain is a forest inhabited by millions of flora and fauna. Just because the animal or plant meet a nice continued to take home. If all the hikers as it surely will destroy the ecosystem in the mountain.

  • Hikers are also not allowed to take anything except pictures. Nemu nice stone continues to take home; it was you search hikers or agate. Mountain is a wild nature that is not only flora and fauna, devils and demons too much there. Agan scared of what it took to do with spirits, hard tablets of affairs with the spirits.

  • Hikers are not allowed to complain about the way. Most people are not strong to continue the journey are people who often complain, especially tired and cold. Think positive; eliminate the thoughts associated with fatigue and cold. If my friend was tired and cold, then a buddy should support. Think it was going to be a reality. Better to chat with friends or sing songs pal memorized.