Hiking Top Five Tips – What You Should

There are many things that every mountain has a different rule in following the recent myth or others. Sometimes, it is not also allowed to say or talk about taboo things that only can be done in junior high school while when you are still in elementary, it will be a bit impossible to train kids in hiking or preparing them to love the nature so they can have a good organization. This taboo must be obeyed by all hikers, especially novice hikers.

For hikers who had often summit attack certainly is not foreign to the same taboos which have become a culture. The main objective is none other than obeying restrictions for the safety of hikers themselves. Here are things you should do and you should not ensure that you will be safe getting back with good food and good mood.

It is not easy still to organize many things. What you have to do is to make a list of how you have worked now and how you will continue the agenda as long as it has been approved. Before anything happens and come up with new ideas, here are agenda that can make people outside understand the limited time and space to keep guiding, so here are important things to follow.

  • Blessing from parents. This one is the most important when planning to climb the mountain might as well ask the permission of parents or family. Many hikers up the mountain without the consent of parents, in particular, the existence far from the family (kos). It usually occurs in women hikers, most of them are afraid to ask for permission and were thinking that certainly did not get permission. Keep in mind, the blessing of the parents was the most important thing, with his blessing likelihood of success on the things we did, was high. Unlicensed / blessing of the parents better undo any intention to summit attack, rather than impose themselves and will happen things are not desirable.

  • Hikers are not allowed leaving nothing but a trail I think this is the most difficult thing to do. In fact today many hikers are leaving nothing but a trail. They do not care about nature, concerned only with the photos they can. The proof is almost all places set up a tent (camping) many piles GARBAGE. Keep in mind that carrying garbage down it is something that must be done, if it can not bring the trash down, we’d better not go up the mountain. I submit that if an again managed to bring down trash that becomes a self-against own pride, others said again participate in the business of protecting the environment.

  • Non-hunt anything except time. Mountain is a forest inhabited by millions of flora and fauna. Just because the animal or plant meet a nice continued to take home. If all the hikers as it surely will destroy the ecosystem in the mountain.

  • Hikers are also not allowed to take anything except pictures. Nemu nice stone continues to take home; it was you search hikers or agate. Mountain is a wild nature that is not only flora and fauna, devils and demons too much there. Agan scared of what it took to do with spirits, hard tablets of affairs with the spirits.

  • Hikers are not allowed to complain about the way. Most people are not strong to continue the journey are people who often complain, especially tired and cold. Think positive; eliminate the thoughts associated with fatigue and cold. If my friend was tired and cold, then a buddy should support. Think it was going to be a reality. Better to chat with friends or sing songs pal memorized.

Survival Techniques for Forest Exploration

Survival Techniques

For those who like adventure in nature and forest exploration, there is always the risk of getting lost. Survive in a foreign environment as well as wild forest needs the special skill which is not easy. Here are suggestions of survival techniques to survive if lost in the woods or mountains.

  1. Stay calm. Stay calm and keep as much as possible cause of panic thinking is important. Mentally strong for a key was lost, to be able to focus and think clearly.

  2. Observe the surrounding environment. Try to search the area more open, or high. This makes it easy to see the direction of the sun and stars, also facilitate the search if in the open area. Look for a stream can help find a way out, other than a requirement to survive in the water. To sleep, try to look for the tall trees as preventive meet wild animals.

  3. Supplies of survival techniques. If the supplies are brought limited, we recommend saving conserve consume, because will not know how long lost. If carrying goods made of tin, then use to make sounds or light reflection.

  4. Leave the trail. When lost, facilitate the search team discovered, by leaving a trace. Can be broken twigs, or a tree trunk etched, or use anything as creative as you.

  5. Pray and Never Surrender. This is something that should always be done. For a strong spirit will make the body become stronger is to find a way out. Many a miracle of survival techniques can happen thanks to prayer and a strong spirit. Forests, or rainforests, lush, green area of ​​life that is full of all shapes and sizes. They only cover about 2 percent of the Earth’s surface, but the forest is a place of life for 50 percent of all plants and animals. Did you know that in a 4-square-mile (10-sq-km) area of ​​tropical forests can contain as many as 1,500 flowering plants, 750 species of trees, 400 species of birds and 150 species of butterflies [Source: The Nature Conservancy].

Well newbie like to go to the open air or possibly into the woods and in a state of emergency does not hurt to pay attention to the following survival techniques. Things that are dangerous and need to be considered in the Forest are as follow.

  1. Dangerous Food. To survive we can take advantage of a wide variety of plants to survive, but be careful in taking, since some plant species contain toxins that is dangerous jungle for our bodies. As for tips as follows:

    • Avoid plants with white or yellow colored fruits.

    • Do not eat wild mushrooms lightly. Although there was mold suitable for consumption but also many mushrooms are poisonous, so it is not worth the risk.

    • Avoid thistles.

    • If the fruit is consumed bitter and slimy should not be eaten.

    • Stay away from shiny colored leaves.

    • Avoid anything that smells like almonds.

    • To know the type of fruit that can be eaten monkey see eg animals that consume the fruit. If there are animals or monkeys that eat the fruit means that the fruit is safe to eat.

In addition to being banned still there are a lot survival techniques that can be consumed like, banana, mango, wild yam, sugar cane, papaya and coconut. Coconut is a good source of food in the forest.

  1. Animal dangerous. Jungle you can consume a wide variety of animals to survive in a state of emergency in the forest. Even so, the forest is home to many dangerous animals including a tiger, wild boar, scorpions, poisonous snakes, poisonous frogs and others. Insects, is a good source of protein, more than 1,400 species of insects can be consumed throughout the world. However, there are survival techniques to consider choosing insect to be eaten.

    • Stay away from the colorful insects

    • Avoid the insects that have sharp thorns.

    • Do not eat the insects that had feathered because it feared could.

If you are strong enough insects besides you can also eat worms, termites and caterpillars to survive in the jungle. Safe way to eat the animals in the forest is to hunt fish.

  1. Water. Forest is wet, if your feet wet for a long time, it is feared can be susceptible to infection due to water hygiene. Keep your feet for survival techniques stay dry as long as possible. Try not to let you boil the water before consuming it. If it is not time to be cooked several ways to consume the water safely. Great leaves can be used to collect dew and rainwater for drinking. Bamboo rod is one of the places to get fresh water because bamboo can be used for. To get water to drink, the application is as shown below. There are several ways to purify the water naturally among others, can be used several methods as follows: Water is clarified using natural distillation system as survival techniques.

Survival Items for Dangerous Wild Adventure

Dangerous Wild Adventure

Risk and danger are part of a wild adventure. As good as any preparations made, and as good as any skill that belongs to the adventurous, risk and danger should not be ignored, and should get special attention to preventive measures and treatment. One of the preparations to face the danger that might jeopardize the safety of others by learning survival techniques (how to survive in the wild) and always carry survival items or survival kit whenever we would go on an adventure.

Some of the following survival equipment is recommended for you to always bring it on every trip an adventure. If you are facing harsh elements with wet conditions you should look at some of the best military watches that your local army navy surplus can supply you with. Although this equipment will likely not be used if the trip lasted safe, it would be helpful if at any time you are faced with adverse conditions that threaten the safety of lives.

  1. Pocket Knives or Multi-tool

This is the most important equipment you should always take it, because its function is very vital. Multi-tool with a variety of useful tools and functions in one item you can use for a variety of important purposes in an effort to survive in nature. In addition, the packaging of survival items is very simple and easy to carry also will not interfere with the movement or increase the burden of your trip. Multi-tool or a pocket knife will always be useful not only for the purposes of the current conditions of survival, but at any time.

  1. The food (and Their Knowledge and Skills Acquired Food in Nature)

Bring up the excess food will greatly help to prolong your life when faced with a situation lost on the mountain or get stuck in one place for a reason. Food reserves will be a vital role in helping your business to survive for days or even weeks for waiting for help or look for a way out. Special food of reserves survival and survival items usually has a simpler packaging with the nutrients that will meet the needs of your body. In addition bringing food back up, you also need to hone skills and knowledge of how to get food from the wild. You can learn about different types of wild plants that can and can not eat. Learn how to make snares, fishing, and other hunting methods will also be very helpful.

  1. Lighters

Fire is one of the most important parts needed by human, especially when in a bad condition in the wild. Fire has many functions, ranging from cooking, warming the body, and repelling wild animals. Therefore, survival items such as lighters or a pair of flint and iron to make a fire you should always take it, especially if you are not too conversant with how to make a fire without matches.

  1. Medicine Equipment

Sometimes, if the adventure we did run safely and smoothly, carrying medicine boxes only be an additional burden useless. But do not underestimate this one apparatus. In bad condition this equipment could save your life. Therefore, whenever you go on an adventure, do not forget to bring your gear on this one.

  1. Rope

Rope as survival items is valuable survival equipment with a very vital function. Ropes can help if you get stuck in the ravine or face steep terrain that is difficult to pass. In addition, this can also be used as a binder powerful tool for a variety of needs. However, carrying straps on every trip will certainly be very inconvenient and adds greatly to the burden. The solution, you can bring a rope that is lighter and simpler. Especially for rope, you can also make a variety of crafts for accessories to make it more practical and convenient to carry your survival items.

survival kit to put in backpack

Nature Survival Guide – Get Closer To The Element

Survival Guide to Get Closer to Nature

Adventuring in the outdoors is a good thing you can do for refreshing the mind, physical strength training, and also to get closer to nature. However, keep in mind, in addition to bringing many benefits, adventuring in the outdoors also has many hazards that can strike at any time. Extreme weather, poisonous plants, wild animal attacks, and lost in the woods are a few examples of the dangers that could come off.

For that, you need to know survival guide in the wild that will save yourself when facing danger as long in the wild. Probably the most important thing in your arsenal is a good survival backpack to keep your gear organized. That is a must

Tell others where you go, at least your closest people

If you already have plans for an adventure in the near future, try to let your trip plan to people nearby such as family, friends hanging out, or neighbor. Tell important details about the trip are going to do, such as destination adventure destination, when you leave and when to return, did you go alone or with a group. In a state where you do not return home on time, for example for reasons of injury or getting lost, someone will know and immediately contacted the authorities to send rescue teams. This survival guide may seem trivial, but very important, and can save your life. Ever watch the movie 127 hours? If the answer is yes, you must know how sorry Aaron who has to fight alone to save his life, because of going adventuring without telling anyone.

Do not fight the power of nature

Never underestimate the power of nature, realize that if humans are more often lost to the Universe. If at any time you have been planning to go on an adventure, all the preparations have been done wrong, but suddenly there was news of a major storm or bad weather in the places you will go, do not hesitate to delay the trip. Pushing yourself in survival guide can be fatal. Respect yourself for better safety. Returning home does not mean defeat, but a wise step for the sake of personal safety.

Bring safety equipment

backpack with survival gear

Ensure survival equipment such as a pocket knife, a compass and a map are in the top list of goods innate. And make sure you master how to use it properly. Do not forget to bring P3K equipment, lighters reserves as well as additional water and food. Survival equipment will help you when facing undesirable conditions, such as getting lost on the way. P3K equipment as survival guide will help you against the risk of injury and accidents, while additional water and food can prolong life breath when stranded in the outdoors for a longer time.

Here are some very good things to carry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini_survival_kit

Be careful with wild animals

Inevitably, when adventuring in the wild, we’ll be neighbors directly with a variety of wild animals. Remember why they are called wild animals, do not ever try to approach them. Attacks from wild animals like leopards, panthers, wild boars, and other animals are very rare, but that does not mean impossible. Therefore, try to avoid contact with these animals by always away from their territory. Always walk on the hiking trail as survival guide that is frequently used, and establish a tent just in shelters that have been available. It is a basic step to keep away from the threat of attack by wild animals.

Keep calm and make a plan

The panic would be very easy to come when you and all members of your group began to realize to have lost direction alias lost. But you need to remember well when important thing that must be done in such conditions it is trying to remain calm. Panic will make you take a step careless that could cause the condition gets worse. Stop the ride for survival guide, and try to remain calm, to keep a clear mind to develop plans in order to get out of the situation was lost. Determine the steps wisely, whether to seek the source of the water first or quickly build a shelter and make a fire as a signal for help. Further discuss any plans with a good and quiet to quickly get out of the bad conditions.

Try to remain visible

Why are uniform groups of nature lovers or SAR team striking colors in survival guide? Surely to make them remain visible while doing activities in the wild, so that the current adverse conditions occur, such a member is lost the search for survivors would be easier to do. Just imagine if a wayward wearing black or green similar to the leaves, of course the search for survivors would be more difficult.

Emergency Food Supply as Basic Needs to Survive In Wilderness

Basic Needs To Survive In Wilderness

Typically, in the adventure, bringing food source would dwindle over time. When food sources are brought on the wane, we can really exploit food resources provided by nature. The food source can be derived from plants and animals. Edible plant parts such as fruits, stems, roots or tubers and leaves, depending on the type of plant.

There is an assumption that all the plants are eaten by animals can be eaten by humans. The statement is not entirely true. For example, a primate sometimes eats fruit which clearly can be fatal in humans.

Prior to use the plants as food, should note the following points. Avoid brightly colored plants. Avoid plants that gummy white, except those already known to be safe to eat. Try first to the most sensitive parts of the body, such as skin or little sample.

Wait and see the reaction. Typically, plants that are harmful will cause a striking effect on the body, such as gums, red and hot. Vary the foods eaten, do not consume one type of plant excessively to avoid the accumulation of substances that may be bad for health. If there are doubts plants to eat, do not eat.

Wild animals are a source of protein and fat that can be used to increase the power. Some traps can be made to facilitate the capture of wild animals.

Wilderness Survival – Traps

Types of traps can be made in accordance with the animals that will be captured. Function trap only to ensnare the feet for animals that have been trapped not run. If an animal’s head is caught, the animal will die quickly before it is cut so it can not be eaten. More traps are the more likely able to capture the animal.

Opportunities to catch wild animals will also be greater if many traces of animals that are known in the area. Preferably, the meat of animals that were caught is cooked beforehand to avoid the disease, but can increase appetite.

You can survive for a month without food, but only 3 days in the absence of water. Therefore, if you suddenly turn into an adventure long since lost, the most important thing to think about is making sure your water supply sufficient quantity. For that, you need to find the nearest water source from the position when lost.

If you do not find the water source or river, you can try alternatives to get water from the banana tree, the dew on the leaves or vines such as rattan. Getting water in tropical forest areas is quite easy to do.

You just have to learn in order to know how to get it. If you have a water filter or a water purifier, it would be better to filter the water before you get to be more hygienic and safe from disease.

Create a signal or sign to Get Relief. Looking for help is one of the important steps that must be made when the bad conditions come off, but of course you need to think how to get the help that is needed.

If started phone still has enough power, try to look for a signal to be able to contact the parties who could be asked for help. Then, make a bonfire in a place which is roughly going to look from a distance as a marker position in order to facilitate the search team to find where you are, but note also not to fire you made even cause a fire.

Bring a whistle also highly recommended as an aid to notify another position. Learning Morse code is also not a bad idea, it would be very useful.

If you realize that you have lost quite deep and it will take time for people to discover the rescue team, another important thing you should do is build a shelter as a shelter. If you bring a tent, immediately set up in a safe and comfortable place you have chosen to wait for help.

If there is no tent, could use a poncho, raincoat, or plastic bins to make an emergency bivouac. If there is no such equipment, you have to make a forced bivouac simple nature.

Building a shelter is very important, in order to keep your body protected from heat, rain, cold, or animal attack.

And lastly, the most important thing to remember is keep trying, motivation you in order not to give up. In bad conditions, any human mental certainly would easily go down and the mind will easily become chaotic, but try to control it, do not let emotions control you. Encourage yourself to remove fear and kept trying to get out of a bad situation you are currently facing.

Life is very precious, whatever the circumstances, no matter how small the odds, there is always hope for survivors who can you fought with all his strength.